A cell culture has a population of 1.00 x 10; culture B has a population of 1.50 x 10. Culture A has a growth constant of 0.0500 day. Culture B doubles in size every 3.00 days. How long will it be until culture B has  times as many cells as culture A?

  1. One of the most common mistakes in this problem lies in getting the information in the final sentence backwards. Write down the equation that is implied in the last sentence.



    You should get: NB NA, where 'NB' means "the number in culture B", and 'NA' is "the number in culture A".

  3. The next step is to find the growth constant for culture B. It is



    A. 0.0500 day
    B. 0.231 day
    C. 0.667 day
    D. 1.50 day
    E. 3.00 day

    The time when NB NA, is:

    A. 1 day
    B. 2.3 days
    C. 4.1 days
    D. 5.7 days


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