Displayed below is a position-time graph of a piston moving in and out.

Figure 1 Position-time graph of a moving piston

From this graph, find the following:

1. amplitude (A):
A. 20 cm
B. 1.0 cm
C. 5.0 cm
D. 10 cm

2. period (T):
A. 0.20 s
B. 1.0 s
C. 5.0 s
D. 10 s

3. frequency (f):
A. 0.20 Hz
B. 1.0 Hz
C. 5.0 Hz
D. 10 Hz

4. angular frequency (w):
A. 0.20p rad s-1
B. 1.0p rad s-1
C. 5.0p rad s-1
D. 10p rad s-1


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