Rotational Motion - Self Test

Question 3: Net Torque

Figure 1 shows an object with several forces acting on it. The pivot point is at O.

F1 = 10 N, and is at a distance of 0.25 m from O, where = 80
F2 = 7.0 N, acting perpendicular to the object, at a distance of 1.25 m from O
F3 = 12 N, is 0.60 m from O, and acts at = 40 from the horizontal

Find the total (net) torque on the object.

Figure 1 object with several torques
The net total torque on the object is:
    A. -1.7 N m
    B. -15.8 N m
    C. -6.6 N m
    D. 18 N m
    E. 61 N m


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