Why Nano?

What is Nano?

Nanoscience is the study of materials at the level of single molecules – bringing us the technologies of tomorrow, ranging from wearable electronics to to light, strong sports equipment to dramatic improvements in drug delivery

Wearable Electronics Sports Equipment Drug Delivery
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Why Nano @ Guelph?

In the BSc Nanoscience program, students take specialized nanoscience courses that provide them with a deep understanding of materials at the molecular level & hands-on lab experience with equipment used in research labs


Program Highlights


Entrance & in-course scholarships are awarded to the top students in each year of the program

Nanoscience Lab

Nanoscience students have a unique lab experience that begins in second year – hands-on experience learning materials synthesis techniques & using a wide range of research-grade instruments – making students immediately useful in academic & industrial research labs

Co-op Program

Most Nanoscience students enrol in the co-op program, providing them with jobs in companies, research labs & government labs during their degree

Fourth-Year Research Project

Nanoscience students take a two-semester course in fourth year that allows them to pursue research in one of our academic labs

Communication Skills

We develop students’ communication skills through presenting posters on their lab work, writing critical reviews of scientific papers & giving oral presentations on their fourth-year research projects

Program Flexibility

The Nanoscience program provides students with a lot of flexibility in designing their own program to pursue their passions in physics, chemistry, biology & engineering


Setting you up for success

Student Success

Half of our Nanoscience graduates go on to graduate degree programs in areas ranging from physics to chemistry to materials science to electrical engineering to medical school at institutions that include Harvard & MIT

Career Paths

Our Nanoscience graduates are also succeeding in a variety of jobs in industry, in companies that focus on battery research, food science, drug development, artificial intelligence & finance



Professor John Dutcher
Director, BSc Nanoscience Program