James L. Hunt
Research on:
1. Anamorphic Images and Transformations
2. The Roget Illusion and the Anorthoscope
3. The Euler Disk (Spinning Coin)
    Does the Euler Disk Slip During Its Motion? (with C.G. Gray)
    Am. J. Phys. 70 pp1025 - 1028, (2002)
4. Pedagogy
    a) Five Experiments (Almost) Without Special Apparatus
    Physics Teacher V43 pp 412-416 (2005)
    b) Using Assessment to Lead Learning (with R.A. Bacon)
    Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference
    pp 99-103, June 27-29, 2001, Banff, Canada
   c) STOMP: A Dynamic Approach to Courseware Development (with R.A. Bacon)
    Proceedings, ED-MEDIA 99, Calgary, Canada, pp 670-675, June 1997
    d) Designing Problem-Solving and Laboratory Content for a Web-Based Distance Education Course in Introductory General Physics. (with M. Misanchuk)
    Proceedings: Computer Based Learning in Science, Zilinha, Slovakia, pp426-436, Aug. 2005