Robert Wickham


   Associate Professor


   Department of Physics

   University of Guelph

   50 Stone Road East

   Guelph, Ontario, Canada

   N1G 2W1


   Office: MacNaughton 448


   Phone: (519) 824 - 4120 x 53704

   Fax:     (519) 836 - 9967   









My group currently (October 2014) consists of one Ph.D. student and two undergraduate Nanoscience project students. I also have a close collaboration with experimentalists in the laboratory of Prof. John Dutcher, on the subject of bacteria biophysics. Our weekly joint group meetings provide our students with the opportunity to present their latest results to the group in an informal setting.






My interests lie in theoretical soft materials physics and biophysics. My current research focuses on two fundamental aspects of polymeric materials: the formation of nanostructures in polymeric materials via self-assembly, and the interplay between these structures and the dynamical evolution of the polymeric material. The study of the structure, dynamics and response of biological assemblies is also a research theme in my group. We use a combination of sophisticated analytical theory and high-performance computation to model the behaviour of these systems.      

Some current areas of interest include:  

1) Kinetics of order-order and order-disorder transitions in block copolymers (movie1 , movie2 )  

2) Development of accurate field theories for polymer and particle dynamics ( movie1 , movie2 )  

3) Modelling bacteria twitching motility on surfaces (movie)

4) Theory for the structure of the bacterial lipid membrane in the presence of antimicrobial peptides  




Recent Publications


Douglas J. Grzetic, Robert A. Wickham, and An-Chang Shi, Statistical dynamics of classical systems: A self-consistent field approach, Journal of Chemical Physics 140, 244907 (2014).


Russell K. W. Spencer and Robert A. Wickham, Simulation of nucleation dynamics at the cylinder-to-lamellar transition, Soft Matter 9, 3373 (2013).