Group News

Our group is looking to expand with positions for M. Sc. and Ph. D. students open. For more information see the projects page or contact Prof. Ladizhansky directly at:


September 6, 2017: David Bolton has defended his M.Sc Thesis

July 23, 2017 : Daryl Good received best poster award at ISMAR 2017

June 30, 2017 : David Park has has defended his M.Sc Thesis

May 2017 : Congratylations to Daryl on his JACS paper

April 20, 2017: Jeffrey De Vlugt has joined the group as an M.Sc student

September 1, 2016: Xiao Peng has joined the group as a Ph.D student

September 1, 2016: Dylan Dingwell has continued as an M.Sc. student

June 30, 2017: Meg Ward has defended her Ph.D. Thesis






Research positions for graduate students (PhD, MSc) available

If you are interested in working in our group, please write to Vladimir Ladizhansky and inquire about current possibilities.

Graduate students

Rachel Brown
Daryl Good
Dylan Dingwell
Jeff De Vlugt
Xiao Peng

Former students and postdocs

David Bolton
David Park
Meaghan Ward
Sanaz Emami
Ligang Zhong
Xiaohu Peng
Rafal Janik
Andrew Gravelle
Izuru Kawamura
Eve Lake
Lichi Shi
Mumdooh Ahmed
Shenlin Wang
Emily Ritz
Jake Jagas