Analysis of Nanomaterials (NANO*2100)

Code and section: NANO*2100*01

Term: Winter 2010

Instructor: Stefan Kycia


Course Information




Stefan Kycia 
Phone extension: 52540 or 52797

Office hours

Rm. MacNaughton 224,Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 to 4:00


MacNaughton Bldg (MacN) 201 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday, 9:30-10:20AM


This course provides an in-depth study of the important instruments that have been developed to analyze nanostructured materials. Useful information that is derived from scattering processes involving X-rays, visible light, electrons, and neutrons will be studied. Microscopic techniques such as Atomic Force Microscopy will also be studied because of the nanoscale structural information that they can provide. The study of spectroscopic techniques also forms part of the course. The application of these instruments to lithographic production techniques is also developed.

A tentative lecture schedule is:

  • Week 1: Energy and Momentum in Relativity; Atoms; Kinetic Theory
  • Week 2: Light Scattering, Rutherford Back Scattering, the Nuclear Atom
  • Week 3: Light Quanta; Corpuscles vs Waves; Compton Scattering
  • Week 4: Atomic Energy Levels; Atomic Spectra; Bohr Atom
  • Week 5: Hydrogen-Like Atoms; Matter Waves; the Wave Function; Probabilistic Interpretation
  • Week 6: Wave Packets and Fourier Analysis; Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
  • Week 7: X-Ray Scattering and EXAFS from Nanomaterials
  • Week 8: Schrodinger's Equation in One Dimension; Stationary States;Particle in a Box; Time Independent SE 
  • Week 9:SE for a Particle in a Rigid Box; Particle in a not-so-rigid box 
  • Week 10:Tunneling and Scanning Tunneling Microscope 
  • Week 11:Three Dimensional Schrodinger Equation; Quantum Numbers; Degeneracy
  • Week 12:Energy at the Nanoscale 



  • Introduction to Nanoscience by Hornyak, Dutta, Tibbals, and Rao, 2008


  • Modern Physics For Scientists and Engineers 2nd Edition, by Taylor, Zifiratos and Dubson, 2004 


Assignment Weight
Problem assignments
Due at the start of designated classes (Late assignments will not be accepted).
Laboratory 25% 
Mid-Term exam {no text, no notes} 25%
Final Exam {no text, no notes}  30%