University of Guelph Physics Department Outreach Activities

Guelph Physics' Science Communication Course Articles Published in Guelph Mercury-Tribune

Undergraduate students enrolled in any of the physics majors at the University of Guelph are required to complete a science communication course, typically in their third year.  One of the writing assignments requires the students to craft a short popular science article suitable for the general public.  We have partnered with a local newspaper, the Guelph Mercury-Tribune, to publish these articles in their Science Corner section.  Check out some of the cool science our students have highlighted!  (Note that the links below will take you to an external website.)

Physics Traveling Roadshow

Numerous local students have been entertained and inspired over the years by a visit to their school by the Physics Traveling Roadshow, run by long-time University of Guelph Physics Department faculty member Dr. Ernie McFarland and laboratory technician Tom Kehn. After a brief hiatus following the retirements of Ernie and Tom, the Roadshow will be making its long-awaited return under the supervision of department faculty member Dr. Joanne O'Meara and staff members Christian Schultz-Nielsen and Ciaran Henry.

The Roadshow includes numerous interactive physics and general science activities ideally suited for students in Grades 7 - 12, but shows for younger students can be arranged upon demand. For more information or to book a show, please contact the Physics Department Liaison Officer.

High School Visits to the University of Guelph

The University of Guelph Physics Department invites interested high schools to bring their senior science classes to visit the University of Guelph campus and our department. The most popular option for campus visits is for students to complete an experiment in our undergraduate laboratories and receive a tour of the beautiful University of Guelph campus from knowledgeable tour guides. We can also coordinate with members of other departments to offer nanoscience and chemistry activities should your group require multiple options. This is an excellent chance for interested high school students to see what university life is like!

Teaching and room booking constraints limit our ability to offer academic visits and tours during the university academic semester. The physics department can generally book visits in the following windows:

Fall Semester:  Last week of November, first 3 weeks of December
Winter Semester:  Last week of April, all of May and June

For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact the Physics Department Liaison Officer.

Summer Camps

Each summer, faculty and staff from the University of Guelph Physics Department participate in both the Creative Encounters Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) summer camps and the Creative Encounters Promotion Awareness: Girls in Engineering and Sciences (PAGES) summer camps.  We also invite interested day camps from the City of Guelph and surrounding area to visit us for a morning or afternoon of interactive science activities.

To register your child for the Creative Encounters STEM or PAGES summer camps, please visit their website.  For day camps who wish to visit the Physics Department, please contact the Physics Department Liaison Officer.

Public Lectures

Some of our faculty members and graduate students have prepared public lectures that they are willing to present to interested parties.  Public lecture presentations include:

Physics Department Faculty

Speaker Public Presentation
Dr. John Dutcher Title:  How Bacteria Move: From Swimming to Twitching

PhytoSpherix™: Bringing Nature's Nanotechnology to the Marketplace

Physics Department Graduate Students

Speaker Public Presentation
Scott VanBommel Title: Rovers On Mars: Guelph's Involvement in Exploring the Red Planet