Modern Cancer Radiation Therapy (PHYS*7710)

Code and section: PHYS*7710*01

Term: Winter 2021

Instructor: Dennis Mücher


Course Information


To impart a basic knowledge of the underlying physics and the practice of cancer radiation therapy using accelerated charged particles and targeted radiation therapy. 


  • Radiation damage of healthy and malignant tissue; fundamentals of radiation therapy
  • Basics of hadron accelerators 
  • Beam properties and beam delivery
  • Dose and range verification in hadron therapy
  • Dose calculation and treatment planning in hadron therapy
  • Clinical evidence for hadron therapy
  • New directions in hadron therapy 
  • Targeted therapy using radioactive alpha- and beta-emitters 

Reference texts

  • Radiation Oncology: A Physicist’s Eye View, M. Goitein, Springer 2008  
  • Proton Therapy Physics, H. Paganetti, CRC Press 2012
  • Ion Beam Therapy, U. Linz, Springer 2012
  • Glenn F. Knoll, Radiation detection and measurement
  • Use may be made of research articles in the refereed literature


The evaluation of the course follows the below scheme: 

  • The students will research assigned topics and will discuss the topics in regular meetings with the instructor. The students will be asked to prepare their own questions as a starting point for the discussion (20%)
  • The students will each give two presentations on selected topics (20%)
  • The students will each present three research papers and will write a critical summary for each paper (20%)
  • The students will also be evaluated in a midterm (15%) and final oral exam (25%) on the discussed topics.