Nonlinear Optics (PHYS*7140)

Code and section: PHYS*7140*01

Term: Summer 2020

Instructor: Donna Strickland



Donna Strickland   


Nonlinear Optics, Robert. W. Boyd (any edition will do, although 1st edition does not use SI units and I do!)


two reports one written, one oral; final exam
    – two reports in same topic, topic not otherwise covered in class - can be something used in your research field, but not your thesis topic
    Because the oral reports are given to entire class, each student must pick a different topic, topics will be assigned on first come basis.

  • 1 journal article report        25%
    - pick the defining article for chosen topic 
    By week 3 – submit the topic and title of article
    week 5 – submit abstract about why it is a defining article in the field
    week 7 - submit report
  • 1 special topics presentation (20 minutes plus 5 for questions)        25%
     Presented during week 10 and 11
    Marking scheme: 
    5% slide quality, 5% organization of talk (easy to follow, stays to time), 5% understanding of topic, 5% thoroughness (cover both theory and experiment), 5% ability to answer questions
  •   Final Examination (Take Home) given 1 week to complete    50%


Nonlinear Susceptibility 

  • classical description of nonlinear susceptibility (Chpt 1)
  • Electro-optic effect (Chpt. 11.1-11.3)
  • quantum mechanical description of nonlinear susceptibility (Chpt. 3)
  • nonlinear index of refraction (Chpt. 4)
  • two level approximation (Chpt 6)

Nonlinear Wave Propagation

  • harmonic generation (Chpt. 2)
  • intensity dependent refractive index (Chpt.7)
  • self-focusing, self-phase modulation, solitons ...
  • light scattering (Chpt. 8)
  • random parts of chapters 9 and 10