MacKenzie Scholarship

Amount: One award of $1,000.

In honour of University Professor Emeritus Innes K. MacKenzie. Not tenable with the Egelstaff Scholarship. Application is not required.

Qualifications: Students who have completed 12.5 course credits and are currently registered in one of the majors in physics. It is given to a student with a high cumulative standing (of at least 80%) in the required physics courses normally taken in Years 2 & 3 of the major.


Year Winner
2021 Michael Stuck
2020 Victoria Leaker
2019 Kristine Keon
2018 Nawar Ismail
2017 Paula Boubel
2016 Erin McGee
2015 Dylan Kisliuk
2014 Jonathon Schulz-Beach
2013 Boris Pavlovic
2012 Andrew Tan
2011 Andrew Jamieson
2010 Lisa Esteves
2009 Jonathan Loranger
2008 Alyssa Hoseman
2007 Brent Miller
2006 Lindsay Baker
2005 Jennifer Rock
2004 Colleen Bailey
2003 Mark Bird
2002 Shawn Fostner
2000 Anne Liptak