Problem 11-46 Current and potential change - Part 2

In a particular lightning bolt, \(24 \;C\) of charge are transferred in \(0.21\; s\) through a potential difference of \(5.5 \times10^8\; V.\)

(a) What is the average current?
(b) How much electric potential energy is dissipated?

\(I = q/t = 24 C/0.21\; s = 1.1 \times 10^2 A \quad     \text{(answer to part (a))}\)

The relationship between change in potential energy \((\Delta U)\), potential difference \((\Delta V)\) and charge \(q\) is:

(A)   \(\Delta U = q \Delta V\)

(B)   \(\Delta V  = q \Delta U\)

(C)    \(q = \Delta V \Delta U\)