Problem 12-42 Electric power

A \(1.10\;kW\) hairdryer and a \(60.0\;W\) light bulb are turned on in the same \(120\;V\; AC\) parallel circuit. Assuming three significant digits in the given voltage, determine the current in the (a) hairdryer (b) light bulb (c) fuse in the circuit. (d) If the fuse is rated at \(15 \;A,\) will it blow?

[Ans. (a) \(9.17\; A\)   (b) \(0.500\; A\)   (c) \(9.67 \;A\)  (d) \(\text{no}\)]

Let's first make a simple drawing of the circuit. Which is correct?

Two possible circuit diagrams; A, B.