Problem 8-75 Inelastic collision - Part 2 - B

Two trucks have a completely inelastic collision. After the collision, they have a common velocity of \(11 \;m/s\) at \(35^\circ\) south of west. Before the collision, one truck \((\text{mass} \; 2.3\times10^4\; kg)\) has a velocity of \(15\; m/s\) at \(51^\circ\) south of west. Determine the initial velocity (magnitude and direction) of the other truck \((\text{mass} \; 1.2\times10^4\; kg).\)

Accumulated Solution

 Before FBD


The problem is described in a NSEW system so above is a sketch of the situation just before the collision. Also we have chosen x and y as East and North which is the most common choice.

What is a reasonable sketch of the situation after the collision?

Four possible FBD with angles and directions indicated.