Problem 9-56 Vector Gravitational Field - Part 2 - A

A spaceprobe is at the position shown in the figure. Use components to determine the gravitational acceleration (magnitude and direction) of the probe due to the effects of the earth and moon. The masses of the earth and moon are \(6.0 \times10^{24}\; kg\) and \(7.4 \times 10^{22} \; kg\), respectively.

Diagram of space probe.

Accumulated Solution

No. This can be worked out easily. A mass \(m\) is at a distance r from another mass \(M\), and the acceleration due to gravity at that position is \(g\). The force on the mass \(m\) is:

(A)   \(F = mg\)

(B)   \(F = GMm/r\)

(C)   \(F = GmM/r^2\)