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The people in the Dutcher lab range from undergraduate students to graduate students to postdoctoral fellows to research associates. Everyone is involved directly in a continuum of research activities, ranging from preparing their samples, to using a wide variety of sophisticated equipment, to performing sophisticated data analysis, to writing first drafts of scientific manuscripts based on their work. The work is inherently multidisciplinary, which provides students and postdocs with the opportunity to work with and learn from researchers in other disciplines. There are also possibilities to work with companies such as Iogen, Mirexus and Imtex on projects of industrial relevance. Professor Dutcher also stresses the importance of developing communication skills, with opportunities for students and postdocs to give regular presentations in weekly group meetings on their research results, and to present their research results and interact with leading experts in the field at topical and international scientific conferences. High priority is given to the development of scientific writing skills, with students and postdocs writing the first drafts of scientific manuscripts based on their work and then learning from an iterative manuscript revision process. Collectively, this broad range of training results in enviable and marketable research skills, allowing students and postdocs to pursue careers in both industry and academia.

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