GUPIXWIN is a versatile software package for fitting PIXE spectra from thin, thick, intermediate and layered specimens. It extracts peak intensities and converts these to concentrations via the H-value standardization method. X-ray excitation may be via protons, deuterons, He-3 or He-4 ions; X-ray spectrometry may be via SDD, Si(Li) or Ge detectors. Interactive or batch processing may be selected.

In either its earlier GUPIX form or in the newer GUPIXWIN form, this software has been supplied to about 180 ion beam analysis laboratories in ~50 countries. GUPIX has been tested extensively using various standard reference materials and inter-comparisons.

The Windows version GUPIXWIN became available in July 2005. It retained most of the features of the original GUPIX and offered a marked increase in user convenience. It has been was at GUPIX Training Schools, one in Paris from these schools and from PIXE conferences, there has been continuous development of the code.  At the time of writing this document (June 2019) considerable progress has been made towards a significantly updated version named GUPIX-3. In addition our GUMAP code for applying GUPIXWIN analysis to user-selected areas or pixel groups within 2D peak intensity maps collected with the OMDAQ software is now available. 

GUPIX/GUPIXWIN Discussion Group

A discussion group on the Internet now allows GUPIX users to pose questions and receive comments and answers from other users who have subscribed to the discussion group. Subscribing, unsubscribing and other listserv operations are done by sending an e-mail with NO SUBJECT and command text in the body to listserv@listserv.uoguelph.ca. The following are the commands:

  • To Subscribe: subscribe gupix name where name is the name you wish to be known by.
  • To Unsubscribe: unsubscribe gupix
  • To Get Help: help
  • To Turn On Acknowledgement of Messages Sent: set gupix mail ack on 
  • To communicate with the group, simply send your communication to gupix@listserv.uoguelph.ca.
    NOTE: This e-mail address is only for communications, please do not send listserv commands to it. 

Please direct all enquiries to:
J. L. Campbell
Department of Physics
University of Guelph
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email: icampbel@uoguelph.ca 
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