MSc Thesis Presentation: Approaching the Thermodynamic Limit in BCS Theory

Date and Time


MacN 222


MSc Candidate

Georgios Palkanoglou


We investigate the problem of simulating infinite superfluid neutron matter using finite systems. With a view to guiding a Quantum Monte Carlo simulation, we study the effects of finite volume on calculations of quantities of finite superfluid systems such as the pairing Gap, the chemical potential and the energy. We present a review of the theory of BCS along with a review of the theories that have been formulated to extend BCS to finite systems, namely Projected BCS (PBCS) and Full BCS (FBCS). In the context of BCS and PBCS we perform calculations of the pairing Gap, the chemical potential and the energy of finite superfluid systems of neutrons at densities relevant to the inner crust of neutron stars. From those calculations we study the approach of a finite volume of superfluid neutrons to the Thermodynamic Limit (TL). Finally, ways to alleviate the Finite Size effects using Twisted Periodic Boundary Conditions are proposed.

Examination Committee

  • Dr. Eric Poisson, Chair
  • Dr. Alexandros Gezerlis, Advisor
  • Dr. Liliana Caballero
  • Dr. Huan Yang

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