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Graduate Seminar Series - Fridays

Investigating Nuclear Shell Evolution in Neutron-Rich Calcium Isotopes Speaker:  Robin Coleman Date: Friday February 10th, 2023 Abstract Nuclei away from the line of stability have been found to demonstrate behavior that is inconsistent with the traditional magic numbers of the spherical shell model. This has led to the concept of the evolution of nuclear shell structure in exotic nuclei, and the neutron-rich calcium isotopes are a key testing ground of these theories; there have been conflicting results from various...

Shape Coexistence Workshop

The workshop on Shape Coexistence, E0 Transitions, and Related Topics will be held at the University of Guelph, with the main goals: to discuss the recent progress on shape coexistence in nuclei and E0 transitions  to focus on those aspects which we do not understand, have insufficient data, or for which theoretical developments are required. The workshop will bring together the specialists in the field working on shape coexistence in order to take stock of where we are, and especially what needs to be done, to further our...

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