Problem 7-23 Work - A

A girl pulls a toboggan of mass \(4.81 \;kg\) up a hill inclined at \(25.7^\circ\) to the horizontal. The vertical height of the hill is \(27.3 \;m\). Neglecting friction between the toboggan and the snow, determine how much work the girl must do on the toboggan to pull it at constant velocity up the hill. [Ans. \(1.29\times 10^3\; J\)]

Accumulated Solution

FBD indicating all forces and directions.


There are two ways to solve this problem. The most obvious is to find the work done by \(F\). \(F\) is given by:

(A)   \(F = mg\)

(B)   \(F = mg \cos \theta\)

(C)   \(F = mg \sin \theta\)