BIG Funding

Most of our graduate students in BIG are funded through Graduate Teaching Assistantships from their home departments, Graduate Research Assistantships from their supervisor's research grants, or internal or external scholarships. In fact, most students are funded by more than one of these sources. Since funding packages depend on the home department and supervisors, they are highly personalized and we cannot provide any funding information before a supervisor has been identified. The funding rule for BIG students is that they have to be funded according to the funding rules that apply also to the graduate students in their home department.

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult for us to fund international students (students who are neither Canadian Citizens nor landed immigrants). Most of our international students currently are funded through scholarships from their own countries or from other organizations.

For more information on fees, costs of living, etc please visit the web pages of the Office of Graduate Studies.


Ross Hallett Memorial Scholarship in Biophysics