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Grad Seminar: Dynamical Tidal Deformation of a Body in General Relativity, Without Modes

Join us for a seminar from masters student ​Tristan Pitre on how he applies general relativity to the study of deformation in binary neutron stars!    Everyone is welcome to join! We would love to see more undergrad students come out to learn about the exciting research being carried out in the department. Speaker Tristan Pitre

Graduate Seminar Series - Calcium?

Speaker Robin Coleman Abstract What is calcium? Who is calcium? How... do we investigate evolution of the nuclear shell model in the context of neutron-rich calcium isotopes? Why is this abstract all written in the form of a question? Will you come to SSC1305 at 1pm to find out?

Check us out at the CUPC Grad Fair

The Fair will be split into two sections with a break for lunch in between, where the morning session (11:00am-1:00pm EDT) is for CUPC 2023 delegates, and the afternoon session (2:30pm-5:30pm EDT) is specifically reserved for students who are not conference delegates but still want to take advantage of the Fair. 

Grad Seminar Series - The Three-Body Problem

Speaker Stephanie Ciccone   Abstract The classical Newtonian three-body gravitational problem was the subject of many investigations by the best minds of the 18th and 19th centuries. Interest in this problem has undergone a revival in recent decades when it was realized that the evolution of star clusters and the nuclei of active

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