Fizz-ics Pub Night

Date and Time


Guelph Civic Museum
52 Norfolk St, Guelph


Join us for an evening about the science of beer!

Our pub night will be comprised of talks from 3M National Teaching Fellowship award winner Dr. Joanne O'Meara and VP of Brewing & Quality for Wellington Brewery Marvin Dyck as well as a sampling night of the altered states of beer and a special physics beer brewed especially for this night by Wellington Brewery!

The Science of (beer) Mouthfeel - Marvin Dyck

Beer is a fluid, and like all fluids it is affected by properties such as surface tension, viscosity and carbonation. Not only do these properties affect the way in which a fluid behaves, but it also affects the way in which our brains interpret the flavor of the beer. This is the idea of mouthfeel, the physical sensations in the mouth produced by a particular beer. VP of Brewing & Quality for Wellington Brewery Marvin Dyck is a Food Science graduate of the University of Guelph. Using the same beer, Marvin has created an array of samples by varying physical properties such as carbonation, surface tension and viscosity during the brewing process. How does this affect the beer? And perhaps more importantly how does this affect the way in which your brain interprets how the same beer tastes? Join us as Marvin teaches us the science of beer mouthfeel.

A sampling of these 'altered states' of beer will follow. 

The Physics of Fizz - Dr. Joanne O'Meara

From champagne to stout, bubbles are a key feature of many of our favourite beverages. We’ll talk about the science behind their formation as well as pour a few glasses to get a better understanding of how this science is put into action. You’ll also get the chance to test out our bubble column, so pop on by!

This event is the final night of STEM Week 2019, a week of interactive science sessions at Guelph Museums involving over 600 grade 6 students, home schoolers and Girl Guides put on by the Department of Physics, University of Guelph.

Sponsored by Innovation Guelph.

** 19+ event/no cover charge/fifth friday

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