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Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

PGSM, PGSD, and Vanier

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Travel Bursary (In Course Only)

500 dollars towards attending a conference where the student is presenting a poster or research. This bursary is available once during the course of a Masters program, and twice for students enrolled in the Ph.D. program. Graduate students who take both their Masters and Ph.D. at Guelph are thus eligible for 1500 dollars total. Students must apply for this bursary at least one month in advance of the conference. Submit the Travel Bursary Request form (available on Physics Intranet) to Graduate Coordinator.

Departmental Dissertation Bursary (In Course Only)

Departmental Dissertation Bursaries are available to graduate students writing their Ph.D. dissertations. The value is equivalent to one-half GTA (70 hrs). The intent is to make available to the student TA time to be used to write their thesis. These bursaries are not "awards" but are an effort to make the sometimes-onerous task of writing a dissertation less so. 

Qualifications: Formal application to the graduate coordinator by the student with a supporting letter from the student's advisor is required at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which the bursary is to be held. In addition, the student must provide evidence that the thesis writing has begun. This will typically be in the form of a couple of chapters from the student's thesis which will be examined by the graduate coordinator and the supervisor for strong evidence that the thesis is likely to be completed during the semester in which the bursary is held. Students holding external or internal scholarship to the value of a full TA are not eligible for this bursary. Students requesting consideration will be ranked, and bursaries will be given up to the amount of interest earned that year by the scholarship fund augmented by an unallocated interest of previous years. It is hoped that all eligible students will in fact receive this bursary but of course that is conditional upon the health of the scholarship fund. Priority will be given to students who have the maximum likelihood of completing their thesis during the semester. It is expected that the student will in fact finish the dissertation while holding the bursary, and supervisors should comment on the likelihood of this when making their nominations. Students will normally hold such a bursary for one semester and may not hold such a bursary for more than two semesters (which must be consecutive.) Students who have held this bursary will not normally be considered for a regular TA following the period of eligibility for this bursary. Bursaries will be announced the same week that TA duties are decided.

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