Guelph Physics Alumni - MSc


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Ahmed, Zarin Garrett, P. Developing The Detector Array for Energy Measurement of Neutrons (DAEMON) 
McBride, Joel Wickham, R. Final Report: Using stress to determine the equilibrium period of diblock copolymer nanostructures in dynamical self-consistent field theory
Pannu, Sangeet-Pal Garrett, P. Searching for signatures of shape coexistence in 100 Ru
Pitre, Tristan Poisson, E. Dynamical Tidal Deformation of a Body in General Relativity, Without Modes





Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Coleman, Robin Svensson, C.  Beta Decay of Neutron-Rich 52K
Cureatz, Dan Campbell, J.L./O'Meara, J. Refinement of the GUPIX Treatment of Multiple Ionization Satellites and Detector Non-linearity
Flood, Victoria  Gellert, R. Sulfur Observations and Analysis by the Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer and ChemCam Instruments on the Mars Science Laboratory Rover
Hanania, Jordan  Gellert, R. Quantification of Light Elements by the Mars Science Laboratory's Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer using Absolute Rayleigh Scatter Peak Analysis
Hiles, Melanie Dutcher, J. Classifying Formulations and Tracking Accelerated Aging of Crosslinked Polyethylene Pipes by Applying Machine Learning Concepts to Infrared Spectra
Ismail, Nawar Gezerlis, A. Effective Mass and Machine Learning in Strongly Interacting Neutron Matter
Knight, Bryn Caballero, L. Neutron capture rates for strongly interacting neutrons
Lahaye, Michael Poisson, E. Self-Force From Conical Singularity, Without Renormalization
Martinello, Samuel Gezerlis, A. Neutron matter with skyrme functionals in a periodic external field
Sampson, Joshua Dutcher, J.  Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles via Laser Ablation in the Presence of Phytoglycogen
Sargent, Leanne  Campbell, J.L./O'Meara, J. Extension of the accelerator-based PIXE emulation of the MSL APXS
Valbuena Burbano, Sally Garrett, P. Nuclear Structure of 98RU Using Beta Decay
Wilhelm, Brent  Gellert, R. Quantification of MnO using the ChemCam LIBS Instrument and Comparison with the Alpha-Particle X-ray Spectrometer


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Bryenton, Kyle Nicol, E. Optical Properties of the α-T3 Semi-Dirac Model
Buraczynski, Mateusz Gezerlis, A. Static Response of Neutron Matter
Charlesworth, Kate Dutcher, J. The Creation of a Phytoglycogen-Functionalized SPR Sensor Surface and the Binding of Concanavalin A to Phytoglycogen
Cuthbert, Daniel Qin, X.R. Investigation of the Si(111)-√3x√3R30 Surface Reconstruction by Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy
Dawkins, William  Gezerlis, A. Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations: From Few to Many Species
de Vlugt, Jeff Ladhizansky, V. Identifying the sugars and phospholipids tightly bound to an integral membrane protein
Dingwell, Dylan Ladhizansky, V./Brown, L. Refinement of loop structure in human aquaporin-1 by solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Greaves, Beau Mücher, D. Investigation of High-Lying (alpha,gamma) Resonances in 22Ne through One-Neutron Transfer in Inverse Kinematics at TIGRESS
Holden, Shane Wickham, R.  Simulation of Chain Exchange Between Ordered Block Copolymer Micelles: Influence of Chain Architectures
McGee, Erin Garrett, P. Searching for Shape Coexistence with 123Te(n,γ) Thermal Neutron Capture
Palkanoglou, Georgios  Gezerlis, A. Approaching the Thermodynamic Limit in BCS Theory
Sacchetti, Andrew Jiang, D.T. Chemical Speciation of Iron and Cobalt Dopants in an Industrial Nickel Oxide System
Schilbach, Tyson Caballero, L/Svensson, C. Accretion Disk Contributions to the Diffuse Neutrino Background
Zidar, Tammy Svensson, C. Beta decay of neutron-rich 33Mg21
Zielinski, Tash Gezerlis, A. Finite-Size Effects Within the 2D BEC-BCS Crossover









Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Barriault, Michael Lehner, L.  Dynamical Constraint Enforcement in Plasma Environments
Braithwaite, Iain Davis, J. Investigating the Molecular Order and Orientation of Cholesterol in Mixtures of Polyunsaturated Phospholipids
Massey, Ryan Poisson, E. Tidal Deformations of a Schwarzschild Black Hole
Rand, Evan Svensson, C. Geant4 Simulations for the Radon Electric Dipole Moment Search at TRIUMF
Schmidt, Miranda Davis, J. Detecting Critical Fluctuations in Ternary Model Membrane Systems of DOPC, Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC), and Cholesterol Using Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy
Ward, Meaghan Brown, L./Ladizhansky, V. Solid-State NMR Studies of Solvent-Accessible Fragments of a Seven-Helical Transmembrane Protein Proteorhodopsin
Zimmerman, Peter Poisson, E. Self-Force on a Point Particle Falling in a Reissner-Nordstrom Black Hole


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Bangay, Jack Wickham, R./ Garrett, P. Structure of 110Cd studied with β-decay of 110In and (n,n'γ) reaction
Brown-Bury, William Campbell, J.L./ O'Meara, J. Extension of the Compton-Rayleigh Scatter Method for Analysis of Martian Rocks and Soils
Gambel, Maren DeKerckhove, D. Development of an External Beam Pixe Microprobe at the University of Guelph
Lee, May Gellert, R. Empirical Investigations of Compton and Rayleigh Scattering in Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) Spectra
Martin, Chris Kycia, S. High Resolution Pair Distribution Function Method for Analysis of Amorphous and nanoparticle Samples
Miller, Kevin Jiang, D.-T. X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Studies of Ultrathin Nickel Silicide Films 
Schick-Martin, Dale DeKerckhove, D. Development of the Guelph High Resolution Proton Microprobe
Spencer, Russell Wickham, R. Simulation of Nucleation Dynamics at the Lamellar-Cylinder Transition in Diblock Copolymer Melts


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Binnington, Taylor Poisson, E. Tidal Deformation of Relativistic Polytropic Stellar Models
Demand, Gregory Garrett, P. Development of a Novel Algorithm for Nuclear Level Scheme Determination
Green, Katie Garrett, P. Nuclear Structure of 112CD Through Studies of β Decay
Leisti, Timothy Kycia, S. Modelling Gold Nanoparticles Using the Second Moment Approximation


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Comeau, Simon Poisson, E. On the Tidal Heating of Black Holes in Kerr Space-Time
Glickman, Daniel Dutcher, J. Quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) and Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) Study of the Enzymatic Degradation of Cellulose Thin Films
Hasiuk, Timothy K. Jeffery, K./ Ladizhansky, V. An Investigation into the Lithium Ion Dynamics of Lithium Lanthanum Titanate Using Solid State Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
Illes, Emilia Nicol, E.  Optical Properties of Underdoped Hight Tc Superconductors from a Phenomonological Model
Leach, Kyle Svensson, C. High Precision Measurement of the Superallowed Beta-Decay Branching Ratio of 38mK
LeBlanc, James Nicol, E.  Signatures of Gap Inhomogeneities in Optical Properties of Superconductors
Michalek, Monika Dutcher, J. Analysis of the Spincoating of Thickness Gradient Polymer Films
Taylor, Stephanne Poisson, E. Effect of a Post-Newtonian Tidal Environment on a Non Rotating Black Hole
Wong, James Garrett, P. Design study of descant - Deuterated Scintillator Array for Neutron Tagging


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Finlay, P. Svensson, C. High-Precision Branching Ratio Measurement for The Superallowed Beta+Emitter 62Ga
Pasieka, A. Kribs, D. Completely Positive Maps and Passive Quantum Error Correction 
Zhong, L. Ladizhansky, V. Solid-state Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR): a novel probe of the structure of membrane-bound myelin basic protein (MBP)


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Arthurs, Michael Sullivan, D.E.  Effect of Molecular Flexibility on the Nematic-Smectic Phase Transition in Simple Liquid Crystal Systems 
Bayat Movahed, Hanif Sullivan, D.E.  The Phase transitions of semi-flexible hard Sphere Chain Liquids
Jones, Brian Campbell, J.L. Reducing Systematic Error in Measurements of Proton-Induced L Subshell Cross-Sections
Pound, Adam Poisson, E. Limitations of two Adiabatic Approximation Schemes in the Gravitational Self-force Problem
Preston, Brent Poisson, E. Black Hole Perturbation Theory in a Light Cone Gauge
Schumaker, Michael Svensson, C. Measurements and Simulation-Based optimization of Tigress HPGe Detector Array Performance
Tersigni, Andrew Qin, X.-R. Scanning tunneling microscope (STM) Study of Tetracence Films on the Hydrogen-Passivated Si (001) Surface


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Alessi, Nick Gray, C./Goldman, S. Simulation Study of N2 Vibrational overtone Solvent Shifts
Allen, Scott Dutcher, J. Protein adsorption studies using surface plasmon resonance
Curtis, Joshua Garfinkle, D./Poisson, E. The approach to the generic spacetime singularity with stiff matter
Haas, Roland Poisson, E. Mass Loss of a Scalar Charge in Cosmological Spacetimes
Hyland, Brownwyn Svensson, C. Precision half Life and Branching Ratio Measuremetns for The Superallowed beta Emitter 62Ga
Molina, Javier Poisson, E. Extended-body Approach to the Self-Force


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Demille, Steven Poisson, E. Overtone Spectroscopy comparing CRDS to ICL-PAS and Phase Shift CRDS
Grinyer, G. Svensson, C. High Precision Measurements of 26Na β-Decay
Labranche, Hendrick Law, J.  Time Series Analysis for the CF Source in Sudbury Neutrino Observatory


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Schultz-Nielsen, Christian Dutcher, J. Pattern Formation and Instabilities in Multilayer Polymer Films
Thomas, Jason Dutcher, J. Preparation and Characterization of spincoated Polymer Wedge


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Murray, Christopher Dutcher, J. Dispersion Phenomena and the Glass Transition in Thin Polymer Films


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Laarakkers, Bill Poisson, E. Radiative Falloff in Schwarzschild-Einstein-de Sitter Spacetime
Van Der Ende, Bryan Davis, J.H.  Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Wild-Type and Mutant Neu Transmembrane Domains


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Daub, Christopher Henry, B.  The Modelling and Calculation of Dipole Moment Functions and Their Application In Describing the Intensities of XH Stretching
Jaffer, Karim Sullivan, D.E.  The Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition in Rigid Linear Fused Hard-Sphere Chain Fluids
Lee-Dadswell, Geoffrey Gray, C.G. Dynamics of Helium Trapped in Fullerene Cages
Martel, Karl Poisson, E. Signal Detection of Gravitational Waves from Eccentric Binaries:  Non-Optimal Filtering
Roth. Connie Dutcher, J. Hole Formation in Freely-Standing Polystyene Films
Schroeder, Christian Jeffrey, K.R.  The Construction of an NMR Microimaging Instruction
Trottier, Alexandre Brooks, R.L. Infrared Spectroscopy of Hydrogen-Doped Liquid Helium
Wachner, Andrew Jeffrey, K.R.  Multidimensional Deuterium Exchange NMR A Probe for Ultra Slow Motion
White, George Gray, C. /Goldman, S. Ion Transport across a Potential Energy Barrier Inside an Atomic Scale Model Ion Channel


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Bettencourt, David Sullivan, D.E.  Lattice Model for Binary Water-Surfactant Mixtures
Hayne, Stewart Jeffrey, K.R. Preservation of POPC Model membrane Integrity by Trehalose.  A 2H and 31P NMR Study
Wong, William Nicol, E. Local Density of States of an Isolated Vortex in the Quasiclassical Limit


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Chizma, Jeff Karl, G. An Investigation into the Nature of the Transition Between the Sudden and Adiabatic Approximations in the Beta Decay of Tritium
Leonard, Steve Poisson, E. Wave Tails of Integer-Spin Fields in Curved Spacetime
Weetman, Philip Goldman, S. /Gray, C.  Use of the Poisson-Boltman Equation to Estimate the Electrostatic Free Energy Barrier for Dielectric Models of Biological Ion Channels


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Belohorcova, Katarina Davis, J.H.  Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Synthetic Peptide in a Phospholipid Bilayer
Jirasek, Andrew Brooks, R.L. FTIR Spectroscopy of Proton Irradiated Helium Gases at 4.2 K and Liquids at 3.0 K
Lamonica, Rosario Hunt, J.L.  Visible Spectroscopy Using Pulsed Proton Beam Absorption
Ruggiero, Antonio Karl, G. The Octect Structure of Four-Quark Operators and Non-Leptonic Hyperon Decays
Svaikauskas, Maria Fernanda Hallett, F.R.  Irradiated Solid Hydrogens using a Fourier Transform Interferometer
Tagg, Nathaniel Simpson, J.J.  The Characterization of the Response of a Silicon Surface Barrier Detectors to Electrons


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
 Dalnoki-Veress, Kari Karl, G Implications of non-leptonic hyperon decays on the structure of the proton
Dimaline, Wayne Fischer, C.W. A Review of High Tc Superconducting Y-Ba-Cu Oxides: Production and Characterization
Moran, Gerald Jeffrey, K.R.  Deuterium NMR of Suger/Water Glasses
Sweeney, Steve Brooks, R.L. Data Acquisition Using the Stanford SR250 Gated Averager and Boxcar Integrator
Voroney, Jon-Paul Lawniczak, A.  Pattern Formation in Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Immobile Complexing Species
Wagner, Glenn Brooks, R.L. Emission Spectroscopy of Cryogenic Hydrogen and Helium Gases


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Chon, Myung Chol Law, J.  An Application of the Self-Consistent-Field Model to the Electron Capure Shakeoff
Gigault, Christian Dutcher, J. Brillouin Light Scattering Study of Cobalt-Based Ultrathin Film and Superlattices
Nejedly, Zdenek Campbell, J.L. Air Particulate Studies in South Western Ontario
Schattka, Bernhard Henry, B.  The Intracavity Dye Laser Photoacoustic Spectrophotometer
Sun, Liping Dutcher, J. Elastic and Elasto-optic Properties of Thin Films of Poly(styrene) Spincoated on Si(001)
Tomerbli, Bruno Sullivan, D.E.  Pressure and Temperature Dependence of the Visible Emission Spectrum of H2-He mixtures at Low Temperature
Williams, James Leibbrandt, G.  Applications of Quantum Chromodynamics
Yang, Jianhao Goldman, S. Vibration and Rotation Spectra of C60 and M@C60 (M = Li+, Na+, K+, Xe, Kr, Ar, Ne, He)


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Cameron, Kenneth Simpson, J.J.  Design and operation of an electrostatic radon detection chamber
Higuchi, Derek Campbell, J.L. Selected Projects in P.I.X.E.


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Celetti, G. Sullivan, D.E.  A lattice model for binary water-surfactant mixtures
Goddard, D. Karl, G. /Godfrey, S. Testing the WWγ and WWZ vertices through the process ep vWX
Tribe, E. Simpson, J.J.  Evidence of heavy neutrino emission in the beta spectrum of calcium-45


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Aguirre, M. Hallett, F.R.  Design of a small angle integrategated light scattering spectrometer (SAILS)
Apichart, L. Sullivan, D.E.  Phenomenological theory of smectic-A liquid crystals
Fu, Yongling Stevens, J.R. Dielectric and conductivity relaxation in poly(propylene glycol) lithium triflate complexes
Kelly, Karen Jeffrey, K.R.  Neutron diffraction location of the chemicals BHT and THC in phospholipid bilayers
Moreau, M. Jeffrey, K.R.  The NMR Microscope
Rajapakshi, R. Millman, B.M.  The setup, modification, calibration and testing of a television X-ray area detector
Richardson, K.A. Leibbrandt, G.  Radiative corrections in unified-gauge QED


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Chung, Song Ho Stevens, J.R. 109Ag NMR study of the dynamics of silver ions in (AgI)x(Ag2O - ηB2O3)1-x
Forrest, J. Hunt, J.L.  Ultraviolet absorption in proton irradiated solid deuterium
Polson, J. Jeffrey, K.R.  The use of 2H NMR lineshape and relaxation techniques to study molecular motions in solids and lipids
Strawbridge, K. Hallett, F.R.  The design and calibration of a fibre-optic integrated light scattering spectrometer
Watton, J. Hallett, F.R.  MIE scattering from vesicles


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Kao, R.R. Smith, W.R.  Mathematical models of perfusion column experiments


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Basile, A. Gray, C.G. Study of inner bremstrahlung corrections in nuclear beta decay and the relationship to neutrino mass experiments
Hime, A. Simpson, J.J.  Evidence for a 17-keV neutrino in the beta spectra of tritium and __S 
Miller, J.J. Brooks, R.L. Charge induced absorption in proton irradiated solid hydrogen deuteride
Prosser, R.S. Davis, J.H.  Phospholipid order and dynamics in an amphiphilic peptide model membrane system:  A deuterium NMR study
Tokaryk, D. Brooks, R.L. Vacuum ultraviolet emission from cryogenic H2 and helium deuteride
Van Prooyen, M. Nickel, B.G.  Monte Carlo study of the second virial co-efficient for polymers in dilute solutions
Weisnagel, S. Law, J.  Study of inner bremstrahlung corrections in nuclear beta decay and the relationship to neutrino mass experiments
Youden, J. Egelstaff, P.A. Deviations from the pair potential contribution to the structure of Krypton at 237K


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Milburn, M.P.  Jeffrey, K.R. Phosphorous-31 NMR spin lattice relaxation time studies on egg phosphatidylcholine model membranes


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Ghorayshi, P.A. MacKenzie, I. K.  Positron mobility nd positronium formation in some solid insulators
Huschilt, J.  Davis, J.H.  Phase, thermodynamic and structural studies of two model membranes  using deuteron magnetic resonance, calorimetry and X‑ray diffraction
Roberts, W.   Karl, G.  Sequential pair creation, rate oscillations, exclusivie decays and gluonium candidates
Vist, M. Davis, J.H. Partial phase behaviour of perdueteriated dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine‑cholesterol model membranes


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Elder, K. Fischer, C.W. Rutherford backscattering:  A computer simulation approach
Horne, J.‑A. Renninger, G.H.   
King. D.G. Karl, G. Electric and magnetic multipoles of the Ω‑ hyperon
McGhee, P.L.  Campbell, J.L. /Ollerhead, R.W. Measurement of the L2‑L3 Coster‑Kronig transition probability in heavy atoms
Nyeo, S.L.  Leibbrandt, G. Functional integration methods in quantum field theory


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Bostock, I.J. Simpson, J.J.  Tl Analysis of Materials Used in the Construction of an Ultra Low Background Ge Detector
Root, J.H. Egelstaff, P.A. A Discussion of the Structure of Water
Selen, M.A. MacDonald, J.R.  Proton beam induced infrared absorption in solid deuterium