Guelph Physics Alumni - PhD


Name Supervisor Thesis
Corrigan, Eamonn Williams, M./Wells, M. Balancing the Equation: Examining Gender Gaps in Physics and Stem Across Canadian Classrooms


Name Supervisor Thesis
Bidaman, Harris Garrett, P. Lifetime Analysis of 100Zr and Simulating the Detector Array for Energy Measurements Of Neutrons (DAEMON)
Buraczynski, Matthew Gezerlis, A. Impurities and Inhomogeneities in Neutron Matter
Kasanda, Eva Svensson, C. A novel method of sub-milimeter range verification for hadron therapy using a tumour marker
Nasrollahzadeh, Farzaneh Dutcher, J./ Martinez-Martinez, M. Structuring Plant-Based Foods Using Less Refined Plant Proteins and High Moisture Extrusion
Palkanoglou, Georgios Gezerlis, A. Pairing in nuclear and cold atomic systems
Radich, Allison Garrett, P. \(^{124}Xe\) Angular Correlation Analysis and Development of the Detector Array for Energy Measurements Of Neutrons (DAEMON)
Saliminasab, Maryam Brown, L.

Membrane Photosensor Related to Proteorhodopsin with Unique Motifs for Signal Transduction

Xiao, Peng Brown, L. S./Ladizhansky, V. Towards Understanding Membrane Protein Folding and Stability with Solid-State NMR and Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange


Name Supervisor Thesis
Annett, Scott Kycia, S. Commissioning a Novel Quad Near Field Detector for High Energy X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy with Preliminary Applications to an Aluminum Alloy
Lee, Drake Wickham, R. Development of Dynamical Self-Consistent Field-Theory for Active Rods and its Application to Finger-Like Pattern Formation in Bacteria Colonies at a Glass-Agar Interface
Lyu, Zhenwei  Yang. H. Topics in Compact Object Astrophysics and Fundamental Physics with Current and Future Gravitational Wave Observations
Parg, Richard Dutcher, J. Micropipette Deflection and Constrained Blister Measurements of Agar-Glass Adhesion
Shamana, Hurmiz Dutcher, J. Effect of Chemical Modification on the Rheology of Aqueous Dispersions of Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles


Name Supervisor Thesis
Baylis, Ben Dutcher, J. Morphology and Mechanical Stiffness of Soft Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles Revealed by AFM Force Spectroscopy
Burbadge, Christina Mücher, D. Degree awarded posthumously
MacLean, Andrew Svensson, C. Spectroscopy of 188Hg Following the β+EC Decay of 188,188mTl
Munro, Rachel Brown, L. S. Biosynthetic Isotopic Labelling Strategies for the Production of Membrane Proteins for Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Nelson, Mike Kribs, D. Hybrid Quantum Systems: Complementarity of Quantum Privacy and Error-Correction, and Higher Rank Matricial Ranges
Simmons, John Dutcher, J. Small Angle Neutron Scattering Studies of Native and Chemically Modified Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles


Name Supervisor Thesis
Good, Daryl Ladizhansky, V. Investigations of Membrane Protein Dynamics using Solid State NMR
Harris, Andrew Brown, L. S. Spectroscopic characterization of atypical ion pumping microbial rhodopsins
Rahemtulla, Aly Kycia, S. Resolving Short Range Order of Amorphous Solids
Shelton, Erin Dutcher, J. Quantifying Bacterial Motion in Twitching Colonies and the Effect of the Agar-Glass Interface on Bacterial Twitching Motility


Name Supervisor Thesis
Arthur, Zach Jiang, D.T. ​In Situ Synchrotron Radiation Investigation of Charge Compensation and Phase Evolution Mechanisms in Li2FeSiO4 Electrodes
Dunlop, Ryan Svensson, C. β and β-delayed neutron decays of the N = 82 isotopes 128-130Cd and 131In studied with GRIFFIN
Westernacher-Schneider, Ryan Poisson, E./Lehner, L. Turbulence, Gravity, and Multimessenger Asteroseismology


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Dunlop, Michelle Svensson, C. High-Precision Half-Life Measurements for the Superallowed Fermi β+ Emitters 10C and 22Mg
VanBommel, Scott Gellert, R. Expanding the Capability of the Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer Including Quantification of Fine-Scale Chemistry and Atmospheric Monitoring


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Illes, Emilia Nicol, E. Properties of the α-T3 Model
Klassen, Joel Zeng, B.  Existence and Uniqueness in the Quantum Marginal Problem
Landry, Philippe Poisson, E. Tidal Response of a Rotating Neutron Star in General Relativity
Malcolm, John Nicol, E. The role of pseudospin in the optical and electronic properties of relativistic materials
Miller, Jonah Schnetter, E./Poisson, E. Selected Problems in Computational Gravity


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Grzetic, Douglas Wickham, R. Connecting structure evolution and chain diffusion in dense polymeric systems using dynamical self-consistent field theory
Laffoley, Alex Svensson, C. High-Precision Half-Life Measurements for the Superallowed Fermi β Emitters 14O and 18Ne
Rand, Evan Svensson, C./ Garrett, P. Investigation of the E2 and E3 matrix elements in 200Hg using direct nuclear reactions
Tabert, Calvin Nicol, E. Electronic Phenomena in 2D Dirac-like Systems:  Silicene and Topological Insulator Surface States
Ward, Meaghan Brown, L.S./Ladizhansky, V Solid-state NMR investigations of transmembrane proteins – new approaches for signal enhancement and in situ studies of anabaena sensory rhodopsin


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Zimmerman, Peter Poisson, E. Self-Force in Non-Vacuum Space Times: Theory and Applications


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Heirwegh, Christopher O'Meara, J./ Campbell, J.L. Studies of Light Element X-Ray Fundamental Parameters Used in PIXE Analysis
MacKay, Ian Wickham, R./ Sullivan, D. Self-Consistent Field Theory for Smectic Ordering of Semiflexible Homo-polymers
Pasieka, Aron Kribs, D. Adaptive Rank Quantum State Estimation
Spencer, Russell Wickham, R. Diblock Copolymer Micelle Structure and Dynamics Near the Order-Disorder Transition


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Jamieson, Andrew Garrett, P. The Nuclear Structure of 112Cd Studied Through the 111Cd (d,p) 112 Single Neutron Tranfer Reaction
Nategholesam, Mostafa Tomberli, B. A non-equilifbrium work study of antimicrobial peptide-membrane interactions
Leach, Kyle Garrett, P. Neutron Transfer Reactions on 64Zn as a Probe for Testing Shell-Model Isospin-Symmetry-Breaking Theory


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Finlay, Paul Svensson, C. High-precision half-life and branching-ration measurements for the superallowed β+ emitter 26Alm
Leblanc, James Nicol, E. The Effects of Electronic Doping on Quantum Materials: Cuprates and Graphene
Schroeder, Christian Jeffery, K. Rheo-NMR studies of viscoelastic secondary flows in ducts of non-circular cross-section
Tersigni, Andrew Qin, X.-R. Structural Characterization of Tetracene Films by Lateral Force Microscopyand Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Diffraction


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Allen, Scott Dutcher, J. Quantitative Kinetics and Angle Scanning Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
Miranda, Mylene Brown, L. Biophysical Characterization of a New Group of Rhodopsins from Photosynthetic Organisms
Pound, Adam Poisson, E. Motion of small bodies in general relativity: foundations and implementations of the self-force
Shi, Jun Qin, X.-R. Growth, Structural, and Electrical Characterizations of Organic Thin Film on Si-Based Substrates


Name Supervisor Thesis Titile
Phillips, Andrew Garrett, P./Svennson, C. Structure of 186,188Os Studied with(3He,d) Reactions
Schumaker, Michael Svensson, C. Coulomb Excitation Structure Studies of 21Ne, 20,21Na


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Haas, Roland Poisson, E. Self-force on point particles in orbit around a Schwarzschild black hole
Hopman, Theodore Campbell, J.L. Characterization of Energy Dispersive Semiconductor Detectors for X-Ray Spectroscopy


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
De Hann, H. Gray, C. Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Calculation of the Conductance of the KcsA Potassium Ion Channel
Grinyer, G. Svensson, C. High-Precision Half-life Measurements for Superallowed Fermi ß Decays 
Murray, C. Dutcher, J. The Effects of Heating and Chemical Acetylationon Ultrathin Chitosan Films


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Lee-Dadswell, Geoffrey Gray, C. Prediction of Transport Coefficients in One-Dimensional Systems
Van Der Ende, Bryan Brooks, R.L. Laser-based Studies of Nonradiative Dynamics in Neodymium-doped Crystals


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Chizma, Jeff Karl, G. Configuration Mixing in L=1 Excited Nucleons
Martel, Karl Poisson, E. Particles and black holes: Time domain integration of the equations of black-hole perturbation theory
Roth, Connie Dutcher, J. Mobility on Different Length Scales in Thin Polymer
Trottier, Alexandre Brooks, R.L. Spectroscopy of Irradiated ices of Astrophysical Interest


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Gigault, Christian Dutcher, J. Self-Assembled Polystyrene Microsphere Monolayers:  Annealing Morphology and Ellepsometry
Opps, Sheldon Gray, C./Sullivan, J. Phase Behaviour of Model Langmuir Monolayers


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Moran, Gerald Jeffrey, K.R.  A Deuterium NMR and Dielectric Relaxation Study of Glucox/Water Glasses
Williams, Jimmy D. Leibbrandt, G.  Two-Loop Renormalization of the Quark Propagator in the Light-Cone Gauge


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Chon, Myung Chol Law, J. Muon Physics and Neural Network Event Classifier for Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Dalnoki-Veress, Kari Dutcher, J. Confinement Effects on Thin Polymer Films
Qian, Jin Davis, J.H.  The Dynamics of Peptide-16 DMPC Bilayer Membranes
Richardson, Allan Leibbrandt, G. Noncovariant Gauges in Non-Abelian Field Theory
Tomberli, Bruno Gray, C.G./Goldman, S. Supercritical Solubility in Carbon Dioxide: A Comparison of Theory and Simulation


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Alexander, Marcela  Hallett, F.R. Design of a Small Angle Spectrometer: Application to Food Systems
Andersen, Tom Simpson, J.J. Development of Systems for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Belohorec, Peter Nickel, B.G.  Renormalization Group Calculation of the Universal Critical Exponents of a Polymer Molecule
Linhananta, Apichart Sullivan, D.E.  Statistical Physics of Surfactant-Water Binary Mixtures


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Wang, Zihuang Dutcher, J. Brillouin Light Scattering Studies of Anisotropies in Magnetic Thin Films and Bulk Crystals


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Chung, Songho Stevens, J.R. 7Li and 23Na NMR Studies of Cation Dynamics in Polymer Electrolytes
Kao, Rowland Smith, W.R.  Computer Simulation Studies of Simple Fluids with Applications to Hormone-Receptor Binding
Langlais, Denis Davis, J.H.  Internuclear Distance Measurements Using Rotational Resonance
Staley, Mark Leibbrandt, G. Finite Temperature Q.C.D. in the Temporal Gauge


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Forrest, Jamie Brooks, R.L. Spectroscopic Studies of Proton-Irradiated Solid Deuterium
Strawbridge, Kevin  Hallett, F.R. Particle Size Analysis Using an Integrated Light Scattering Spectrometer


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Matsen, M.W. Sullivan, D.E.  Lattice model for water-oil-surfactant mixtures
Miller, J.J. Brooks, R.L. Raman spectroscopy of solid hydrogen deuteride
Prosser, R.S. Davis, J.H. Structural dynamics of an integral membrane peptide:  A deuterium NMR relaxation study
Tokaryk, D. Brooks, R.L. Reaction dynamics of metastable helium molecules and atoms at 4.2 K
Youden, J.P. Egelstaff, P.A. Neutron scattering studies of collective effects in the dynamic and static structure of dense fluids


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Murray, Dan Nickel, B.G.  Cases of two-independent variable scaling:  The ising model critical point and the probability of a coin landing on edge
Teare, S. Fischer, C.W. Determination of the energy levels in heterojunction quantum wells using capacitance voltage profiling


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Shanes, F. Nickel, B.G.  Calculation of the radius of gyration for a linear flexible polymer chain with excluded volume interaction


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
King, D.G. Karl, G.  Quark model matrix elements with an arbitrary number of colours
Mcghee, P.L. Campbell, J.L. Transition probabilities in the L shell of heavy atoms
Tjipto Margo, B. Sullivan, D.E.  Molecular theories of nematic liquid  crystals:  Bulk and interface


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Roberts, W. Karl, G.  Spin effects in Fermion pair annihilation


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Perujo. A. Campbell, J.L.  Advances in elemental analysis by proton-induced X-ray emission 


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Ansari, R.R.  Hallett, F.R.  Quasi‑elastic laser light scattering study of polymeric flocculant systems
Nyeo , Su Long  Egelstaff, P.A.  
Root, J.H.  Egelstaff, P.A.  


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Canaday, J. Fischer, C.W. Ionic Transport Studies of Anodic GaAs and Ga/As/Metal Layer Oxides
Jackman, J.A. MacKenzie, I.K. /Buyers, W. , A.E.C.L. Spin and Lattice Dynamics in Uranium Rocksalt Compounds
Sullivan, J.D. Egelstaff, P.A. The Structure of the Fluid States of Chlorine


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Maxwell, J.A.  Renninger, G.H.  Theoretical Studies of the Visual Responses of the Lateral Compound Eye of Limulus polyphemus
Racey, T.J.  Hallett, F.R.  An Oscillating‑Translational Analysis of the Quasi‑Elastic Light Scattering Spectrum of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Siminovitch, D.J.  Jeffrey, K.R.  Nitrogen‑14 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Model Membranes


Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Jorch, H.H.  MacKenzie, I.K.  The Temperature Dependence of Positron Diffusion in Ge and Si
Schultz, P.J.  MacKenzie, I.K.  Evidence for Shallow Positron Traps