Protein NMR Research Group

Our research mainly focuses on the development of multi-dimensional solid-state magic angle spinning NMR techniques for structural and dynamic studies of membrane proteins. For a outline of our major research themes please see the current projects page.


Faculty & Staff Visiting Scientist PhD Students MSc Students Undergraduate Research Students
Vlad Ladizhansky (Faculty) N/A Sajjad Salimi
Seyedmahdi (Mahdi) Sadatlavasanibozorg
Raoul Vaz N/A

* Co-supervised with Leonid Brown

Collaborations at Guelph

We are seeking MSc and PhD students to work in our group. Current projects in the lab focus on understanding of membrane protein folding and protein dynamics; on the role of protein aggregation in Parkinson’s Disease.

We have the equipment and expertise and need your talent and enthusiasm:
If interested, do not hesitate to email Vlad Ladizhansky directly, and inquire about current possibilities: