Nanoscience Research

A dramatic transformation in science and technology is happening. The next fifty years will see new inventions, novel products, stunning medical advances, remarkable energy solutions, and creative answers to controlling and understanding technological and biological processes - and nanoscience is making them all possible. Our nanoscience researchers use a wide range of state-of-the-art experimental and computational techniques for studies of matter on the nanoscale, ranging from the self-assembly of polymers to the optical properties of single sheets of graphite called graphene to the mechanical properties of unique biomaterials derived from bacteria. Exciting opportunities exist for students to get involved in graduate research as well as academic studies in our new B.Sc. Nanoscience degree program.


Elisabeth J. Nicol
Robert Wickham


John R. Dutcher
De-Tong Jiang
Stefan W. Kycia
Xiaorong Qin