NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Centre

SHARCNET (Shared Hierarchical Academic and Research Computing Network)The University of Guelph NMR Centre is equipped with six modern NMR spectrometers capable of a diverse array of solution and solid applications. The facility provides service to all academic communities on campus and is also available to industry at very reasonable cost and with guaranteed rapid throughput. It brings together extensive expertise in materials research spanning nineteen different research groups that address a wide range of research into the structure-function relationships on different scales of foods, polymers and biopolymers, and biological membranes.


SHARCNET (Shared Hierarchical Academic and Research Computing Network)

SHARCNET is a consortium of Canadian academic institutions who share a network of high performance computers. The University of Guelph is a founding institution within SHARCNET, and hosts part of the consortium's cluster infrastructure. SHARCNET supports computational research in  several areas of the Physics department, including gravitation, biophysics, and materials physics.


X-ray Diffraction and Scattering Group

The X-ray Diffraction and Scattering Group of the University of Guelph develops novel x-ray techniques for the structural characterization of bulk and nanomaterials. For this purpose we use in-house and synchrotron radiation in a number of different diffraction and scattering techniques, i.e.: powder, single crystal and multiple beam diffraction, SAXS, reflectivity measurements and PDF analysis.