125 Years of Physics

MacNaughton Building concept sketch

2020 marks the 125th year of Guelph Physics!

Established in 1895, the Department of Physics has been part of the University of Guelph since the days when it was the Ontario Agricultural College. This year we will be celebrating Guelph Physics 125 with historical posts, events and outreach.

Guelph Physics Launches AMASE!

From the minds that brought you STEM Week, check out AMASE! 


We're doing what we can here at Physics, University of Guelph to help out educators right now. 
Do you or your students have fun science questions you'd like to explore? 

Email us, comment or send us a PM on our social media accounts!

Any grade level, any subject, the zanier the better!

Bill Nye and The Great Orbax

The Physics Department's own Great Orbax, moderated discussion with Bill Nye before a sold out crowd!

Crowd at Bill Nye the Science Guy presentation

Bill Nye and The Great Orbax elbow bump in light of COVID-19

USRA Summer Research Positions

The Department of Physics is offering 5 NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Awards under the following supervisors:  Project descriptions have been pasted to the end of this email.  

Departmental Summer Research Assistantship (DSRA) Positions

The following vacancies are departmental summer research assistantship (DSRA) positions. 
Hourly rate is the same as NSERC ($16.00/hour).   

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS:    February 28, 2020 11:59 p.m.
Please submit your letter of interest, resume and transcript to Reggi Vallillee
Reggi Vallillee – or in person MacN Room 210, should you have any questions.

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