Turning right to go left

Most of us learned how to ride a bike when we were kids, but did you actually learn ‘how’ you ride a bike? If you think about what you do, it might not be immediately obvious, but if I told you to turn right which way would you turn the handlebars? If you’re not on the bike, you might imagine you just turn the handlebars right to go right, but it’s actually the opposite. To turn right, you must first turn left. This process is called counter-steering and is essential to riding bicycles and any other two-wheeled vehicle.

In Memoriam: Bill Teesdale

It is with great shock and sadness I share the news that our friend and colleague Bill Teesdale has passed away.  This sudden and unexpected loss will be felt by all members of the Department of Physics as well as throughout CEPS and the rest of campus.

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