Physics 125 Celebration Postponed

The 125 anniversary events and activities that were set to take place in June have been postponed to the the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Check back or complete the Alumni Webform for updates.

125 Years of Physics

MacNaughton Building concept sketch

2020 marks the 125th year of Guelph Physics!

Established in 1895, the Department of Physics has been part of the University of Guelph since the days when it was the Ontario Agricultural College. This year we will be celebrating Guelph Physics 125 with historical posts, events and outreach.

Congratulations Sylvia on a 3rd place finish CAP at Competition

Sylvia Luyben's first-prize winning talk was selected by the Soft Matter Symposium to go on to represent the discipline in a student oral competition across the entire Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP). This took place on June 25th.

It was just announced that Sylvia tied for third place in the "Congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists Virtual Best Student Oral Competition".

Congratulations Xiao Peng! The 2020 Ross Hallett Memorial Scholarship in Biophysics Winner

Peng Xiao obtained his BSc in Physics from Beijing University, and his MSc in Condensed Matter Physics from Brock University. He began his PhD in Biophysics at the University of Guelph in 2016, determining, at the atomic level, how membrane proteins fold into their functional states. This subject is both of fundamental importance and of medical relevance, as membrane protein misfolding is associated with many debilitating disorders.

Congratulations to the Dutcher Lab on their Gryphon's LAAIR award!

Vanishing Act - From UofG Discovery to Commercial Product

The Dutcher Lab is working with its industrial partner Veriphy Skincare to commercialize a revolutionary cosmetic face mask that quickly dissolves into the skin, simplifying the use of the face mask and eliminating the waste associated with currently-available masks that must be peeled from the face and thrown away. This product capitalizes on the excellent film-forming ability of PhytoSpherix particles discovered in the Dutcher Laboratory at the University of Guelph.

Sylvia Luyben wins Best 10 Minute Talk at Soft Matter Canada Symposium

Congratulations Sylvia! Sylvia Luyben won one of two prizes awarded or the best student 10-minute (virtual) talk, for her presentation, "Polyelectrolyte dynamical self-consistent field theory" at the 2020 Soft Matter Canada Symposium, recently held in association with the CAP Congress.

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