Planetary Surface Exploration

The University of Guelph is playing an important role in the exploration of Mars. One of NASA’s current missions on Mars, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), involves the rover known as Curiosity, which features a scientific instrument developed by University of Guelph Professor Ralf Gellert

AMASE: Sound Energy

Dr. Joanne O'Meara tackles questions about sound energy!

Prof. Alex Gezerlis' textbook Numerical Methods in Physics with Python published!

Prof. Alex Gezerlis' textbook on Numerical Methods in Physics with Python was published by Cambridge University Press in Oct. 2020. Covering topics ranging from treatment of uncertainties to solving partial differential equations, this nearly 600 page book grew out of a lack of a suitable textbook for NANO3600, leading Alex to develop an extensive set of lecture notes that evolved into this unique resource.     

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