Joanne M. O'Meara

Legendary Professor Joanne O'Meara honoured by Classical Mythology class

Joanne O'Meara and John Walsh during Legendary people presentation in class room

Near the end of the each semester in his Classical Mythology (CLAS*2000) class, Professor John Walsh asks his students to nominate people on campus who have made a difference in their lives. He honours these 'legends' with a celebration in class; including prizes, photo ops and lots of cheering.

Joanne O'Meara named 2019 3M National Teaching Fellowship!

Joanne O’Meara consistently receives accolades from her students for her enthusiasm and passion for teaching, and for her ability to make physics accessible and engaging. Her pioneering work in using active-learning techniques in her classes and her willingness to explore and share new teaching ideas have revolutionized the teaching of Physics at Guelph and across Canada.

Nuclear Science Day - Friday November 2nd at the Guelph Civic Museum

School's Out, Museum's In! This PD Day at Guelph Civic Museum is Nuclear Science Day.

Lots of fun S.T.E.M.-themed activities for all ages, all day! 
(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). 

Included with general admission, $5 per person. Children under four years are free. Family admission (up to 2 adults, 4 children) is $15.

Special activities:

Professor Joanne O'Meara a recipient of the Residence Students' Favorite Fall Professor distinction

This past fall, University of Guelph Student Housing Services invited students residing in residence halls across campus (over 4500 students) to nominate their favourite Fall Semester professors.

Professor Joanne O'Meara was nominated by a significant number of students and is co-recipient of Fall 2017's "Residence Students' Favourite Fall Professor" distinction for positively impacting the academic experience at Guelph. Asked why they nominated Professor O'Meara as their favourite professor, one student wrote:

Physics Club Wins First Place for Best CPES Exhibit at College Royal 2017


 Joanne O'Meara
The Physics Club at College Royal
Photo Credit: Joanne O'Meara

Congratulations to the Physics Club for their College Royal exhibit on the weekend – they were awarded a red ribbon for their efforts!

In Photo:

From left to right front row: William McMurchy, Kaitlin Williams, Stephanie Ruecker, Samantha Buck

Professor Joanne O'Meara selected as one of 20 participants in The Banff Centre's Science Communications residency program

Professor Joanne O'Meara has been selected as one of 20 international participants in this year's Science Communications residency program at The Banff Centre. This two-week program brings together professionals in both science and communications, and will give Professor O'Meara the opportunity to work with some of the world's leading science communicators e.g. Jay Ingram, Henry Kowalski (chief news editor at CTV news), John Rennie (editor in chief of Scientific American).

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