Joanne M. O'Meara

AMASE: How Do Straws Work?

In this video, 3M National Teaching Fellowship recipient Dr. Joanne O'Meara and junior scientist Mara explain how straws work!

AMASE: Why Do We See Stars?

For today's Ask Me Anything Science Edition special guest Jay Ingram chats with our very own Dr. Joanne O'Meara and explains why we see stars when we bonk our noggins. 

Jay was the former host of Discovery Channel's Daily Planet, CBC's Quirks and Quarks, best selling author, co-founder of Beakerhead and Member of the Order of Canada. 

Guelph Physics Launches AMASE!

From the minds that brought you STEM Week, check out AMASE! 


We're doing what we can here at Physics, University of Guelph to help out educators right now. 
Do you or your students have fun science questions you'd like to explore? 

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Any grade level, any subject, the zanier the better!

Legendary Professor Joanne O'Meara honoured by Classical Mythology class

Joanne O'Meara and John Walsh during Legendary people presentation in class room

Near the end of the each semester in his Classical Mythology (CLAS*2000) class, Professor John Walsh asks his students to nominate people on campus who have made a difference in their lives. He honours these 'legends' with a celebration in class; including prizes, photo ops and lots of cheering.

Joanne O'Meara named 2019 3M National Teaching Fellowship!

Joanne O’Meara consistently receives accolades from her students for her enthusiasm and passion for teaching, and for her ability to make physics accessible and engaging. Her pioneering work in using active-learning techniques in her classes and her willingness to explore and share new teaching ideas have revolutionized the teaching of Physics at Guelph and across Canada.

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