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Adam Pound awarded NSERC postdoctoral fellowship

Congratulations to Adam Pound on being awarded an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship.  The Postdoctoral Fellowships Program provides support to a core of the most promising researchers at a pivotal time in their careers. The fellowships are also intended to secure a supply of highly qualified Canadians with leading edge scientific and research skills for Canadian industry, government and universities.

New discovery by Prof. Luis Lehner featured on CBC

With collaborators Carlos Palenzuela and Steve Liebling, Prof. Luis Lehner discovered by numerical simulations that merging supermassive black holes can give rise to powerful emissions of plasma collimated into a single jet. This single jet is the result of the merger of the individual jets attached to each black hole, which merge together as the black holes merge. This effect has clear observational consequences, and will permit the precise localization of the system which hosts the merging black holes.

Congratulations to Dr. Shenlin Wang!

Congratulations to Dr. Shenlin Wang on receiving a prestigious CIHR fellowship. The award is for two years and will be taken under the supervision of Profs. Vladimir Ladizhansky and Leonid Brown. This year, only 57 out of 497 applicants were funded.

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