Professor Joanne O'Meara selected as one of 20 participants in The Banff Centre's Science Communications residency program

Posted on Monday, June 1st, 2015

Professor Joanne O'Meara has been selected as one of 20 international participants in this year's Science Communications residency program at The Banff Centre. This two-week program brings together professionals in both science and communications, and will give Professor O'Meara the opportunity to work with some of the world's leading science communicators e.g. Jay Ingram, Henry Kowalski (chief news editor at CTV news), John Rennie (editor in chief of Scientific American). During the program, Professor O'Meara will focus on rethinking our approach to outreach and recruitment in the physical sciences in a way that connects with today's technologically savvy youth; this will strongly influence her role in the multimedia group projects developed during the course. She will also be thinking of ways in which our physics courses can make better use of multimedia in the blended classroom model we've been hearing so much about lately.  Professor O'Meara thanks Dean Vannelli for his support of her participation in this exciting program.

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