All Undergraduate Students are invited to make an application for summer positions in the Department of Physics.  We currently have 10 NSERC Undergraduate Research Assistant Positions and 4 Financial Needs Undergraduate Research Assistant Positions. 

Deadline for ALL applications is February 22nd

Available USRA Positions

NSERC applications should be submitted to Reggi Vallillee, Admin Asst, MacN Room 211 (inside MacN 207).   Each application MUST include the following:

Project Supervisor Positions
Expression and isotope-labeling of membrane proteins for spectroscopic studies Leonid Brown 1
Nuclear statistical equilibrium abundances Liliana Caballero 1
Neutrinos in dense matter Liliana Caballero 1
Infrared microscopy studies of accelerated aging of cross-linked polyethylene pipe John Dutcher 1
Surface plasmon resonance imaging studies of PhotoSpherix-bioactive interactions John Dutcher 1
Gamma-ray spectroscopy following beta-decay; Analysis of date from GRIFFIN Paul Garrett 2
Strong correlations in quantum many-body systems Alex Gezerlis 1
Investigation of strong binding between phytoglycogen nanoparticles and bioactive compounds Vladimir Ladizhansky 1
Gamma-ray spectroscopy with GRIFFIN Carl E. Svensson 1

Available URA Positions

Undergraduate Research Assistant – Financial Needs

These positions (4) have been posted to the ‘Experience” website: Applications must be made through this link. 
Details on eligibility requirements for the URA Financial Needs Awards:
Should have you have questions, please feel free to contact myself, or the faculty member posting the position.

Project Supervisor
Study of Active Matter using a collection of autonomous bots Michael Massa
PHYS*1130 Course Development Joanne O'Meara
Organization and Analysis of Python Coding Project Data for First-Year Physics Majors Martin Williams
Development and Testing of a Magnetohydrodynamic Vessel for a First-Year Case Study for IPS*1510 Martin Williams