Congratulations to Alum Evan Rand and the Actinium-225 Production Team on the 2019-2021 D.F. Torgerson Award

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2022

Written by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories | Laboratoires Nucléaires Canadiens

For research and technical excellence in advancing CNL’s Actinium-225 (Ac-225) production program.

CNL’s program to produce Actinium-225 for Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) is one of the core pillars of Vision 2030 – to make valuable contributions that will advance the health of patients. Since 2019, this team has successfully developed and conducted the operation of CNL’s 10 mCi (milli-curies) Th-229 (Thorium-229) generator for the production of Ac-225. The success of CNL’s Ac-225 generator project has seeded new potential and laid the groundwork for an outstanding effort led by Evan Rand to provide the foundation for the CNL Isotope Business that is seeking to build a full-scale Ac-225 production facility by deploying the novel cyclotron-based Ac-225 reaction at a scale that has never been done elsewhere in the world.

The “generator” team of Chris Byrne, Denise Gendron and Randy Perron maintains, optimizes and operates the Th-229 generator, producing high purity and high quality Ac-225 for distribution of the medical isotope to commercial customers and research collaborators – whether for compassionate care treatments or drug development research (e.g. pharmaceutical development for TAT), and to support internal research and development under the Federal Nuclear Science & Technology and Laboratory Directed Science & Technology programs.

Congratulations to Chris Byrne, Denise Gendron, Randy Perron, and Evan Rand.

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