Congratulations Victor!

Victor Vivcharuk has successfully defended his PhD Thesis (Interaction of the antimicrobial peptide lactoferricin B with neutral POPC and charged POPG model) on Tuesday December 9, 2008

Congratulations to James LeBlanc!

One of the figures from a paper by graduate student James LeBlanc has been selected for display on the front page of the redesigned journal web site of Physical Review B ( under the new feature \"Kaleidoscope\" where it will appear (rotating with 11 others) on the main page for approximately one month, and will also appear (permanently) on the archive page ( The figure is from the paper \"Signatures of superconducting gap inhomogeneities in optical properties\", by J.P.F. LeBlanc, E.J. Nicol, and J.P. Carbotte, Phys.

Chair Announcement

Tony Vannelli, Dean, College of Physical and Engineering Science is pleased to announce that Dr. Eric Poisson has agreed to become the next Chair of the Department of Physics beginning a five year term on July 1, 2008.

R.B. Reynolds Award Winner 2008 - Amanda O'Halloran

This medal is awarded to a graduating student in the Spring semester who has completed semester 8 of any of the majors in Physics and who has obtained the highest cumulative average in the required Physics courses of that program, normally taken in semester 5 to 8. Presentation of the award to Amanda O'Halloran was made by Robert L. Brooks, Chair of the Department. 

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