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Congratulations to all Graduate Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to following graduate students for the 2021-22 Round of NSERC and OGS Scholarships:


  • Sangeet-Pal Pannu - NSERC CGSM
  • Devin Hymers - NSERC PGSD


  • Sylvia, Luyben – QEII
  • Nicholas VanHeijst - OGS 
  • Raoul Vaz - OGS

Congratulations Hurmiz Shamana, 2021 winner of the F.R. Hallett Memorial Scholarship in Biophysics

Congratulations to Hurmiz Shamana on being awarded the F.R. Hallett Memorial Scholarship in Biophysics for 2021.  Hurmiz was selected based on his academic achievements and ability in biophysics research as demonstrated through publications, presentations, and the mastery of his research area.  This graduate scholarship was established in memory of Professor Ross Hallett to honour his contributions to research in biophysics, as well as his academic life in the Department of Physics, the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, and the University of Guelph.  

Congratulations Xiao Peng! The 2020 Ross Hallett Memorial Scholarship in Biophysics Winner

Peng Xiao obtained his BSc in Physics from Beijing University, and his MSc in Condensed Matter Physics from Brock University. He began his PhD in Biophysics at the University of Guelph in 2016, determining, at the atomic level, how membrane proteins fold into their functional states. This subject is both of fundamental importance and of medical relevance, as membrane protein misfolding is associated with many debilitating disorders.

2019 Hallett Scholarship Award Winner


Hallett Award Presentation, Erin Shelton, Barbara Hallett, John Dutcher
Erin Shelton, Barbara Hallett and John Dutcher

Congratulations to Erin Shelton on receiving the Ross F. Hallett Memorial Scholarship in Biophyiscs.

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