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Kevin Miller wins the CLS AUM Best Poster Prize

At the Annual Users' Meeting of the Canadian Light Source (CLS) held at Saskatoon SK last week (June 17th-18th), Kevin Miller (MSc student) from our department entered the competition for the best student poster sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Synchrotron Radiation (CISR) and won the first prize ($500) with a poster titled \"XAFS of Nickel Silicide Thin Films\".

Congratulations to Geoff Grinyer!

The Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP) of the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) announced the result of the 2007-08 Thesis Prize competition. This prize was set up in 2005 by the DNP, to be awarded in Experimental or Theoretical Nuclear Physics to any student receiving their Ph.D. degree from a Canadian University in the current or prior calendar year. The selection for the 2008 Prize was adjudicated by a committee consisting of David Hutcheon (representing TRIUMF), Jean Barrette (McGill University) and Kumar S. Sharma (University of Manitoba).

R.B. Reynolds Award Winner 2008 - Amanda O'Halloran

This medal is awarded to a graduating student in the Spring semester who has completed semester 8 of any of the majors in Physics and who has obtained the highest cumulative average in the required Physics courses of that program, normally taken in semester 5 to 8. Presentation of the award to Amanda O'Halloran was made by Robert L. Brooks, Chair of the Department. 

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